Risheng Swimwear Bra & Cup R & D Co., Ltd

  The more prevalent swimwear bra research development limited company of our company;Descend to establish a swimwear factory:Quanzhou Qichuang garment Weaving Co.,Ltd, produce child buoyancy swim suit, surfing, swim suit, swimming trunks and a production every kind of model numbers to cover the cup factory with the material swimwear.

   Our company began the production of cover-cup from 1995 and applied for a patent of plastic mesh permeable & breathable swimwear cover-cup (pad) with a patent no. of ZL01205433.x in 1998. In 2002, our company applied another patent of permeable & breathable high buoyancy swimwear cover-cup with a patent no. of ZL02255363.0. In 2004, our company was transformed into a new corporation and applied for another patent of environment-friendly plastic 3-D swimwear bra, as well as many other patented products, till now our company has applied six national patents and is applying for 3 patents presently with its brand registered and reputation spread across the whole world. Presently there are 32 new and old general cover-cup machines, 1 imported full auto whole (seamless) swimwear cover-cup stamping & shaping machine with special technology and 1 imported auto stamping & shaping cover-cup machine in our company. It has 51-100 employees with annual sales volume of about RMB 3 million-5 million. Our company is specialized in the production of national patented products: plastic mesh permeable & breathable swimwear cover-cup, permeable & breathable high buoyancy swimwear cover-cup, environment-friendly plastic 3-D swimwear bra and rubdown & uplift high buoyancy swimwear cover-cup.

   In 2006, we built OEM processing swimwear factory specializing in making children's floatation swimwear, children's surfing suit, children's swimwear and swimming trunks.

  Product Feature: light weight, very good toughness, excellent restorableness, soft handle, super high elasticity and freeness from water make the product the superexcellent alternate of sponge; the permeable & breathable high buoyancy swimwear cover-cup acts as the best for swimwear bra.

  Business Scope: research and development of super light and super elastic swimwear bra, cover-cup (pad), children buoyant swimwear, permeable & breathable bra cover-cup (pad) with such materials as bombazine, foam, EVA, latex cotton, swimwear fabric, swimwear accessories, special foaming cotton. 
  Main Product: Patented swimwear bra, patented swimwear cover-cup
  Legal Representative: Hong Huacai

 Main Business Location:

Whole country

 Registered Capital:

Less than RMB 1 million/year
 Number of Employee: 51-100   Date of Foundation: 2004
 Type: Private

Category: Garments, Shoes and Hats

Annual Turnover:

RMB 2.5 million-5 million/year


Bank: Quanzhou Construction Bank  Tumenjie Branch

  Account No.:  35065609901226900003159

  Corporation General situation